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Petition for Improved Public Safety in Kent

Friend of the City of Kent,

A choice must be made: More ineffective bureaucracy or improved public safety?

We are currently faced with a sprawling local government that seems intent to harass its citizens and businesses with frivolous laws and inspections, substantially running up costs that our customers are then forced to pay, while at the same time law enforcement lacks the resources and competence to protect us from shootings, break ins, assaults, and other serious crimes.

Without basic public safety and better allocation of government resources, our Kent community faces a very bleak future. This simple fact can no longer be overlooked. We therefore petition:

  1. Reduce the general city staff by 50% and then, with those savings, increase local jail capacity and make major improvements to the municipal court system so that serious crimes are given the attention they deserve. Substantially reduce the size of the fire department and shift those resources to the police, including converting some fire stations into police sub-stations.

  2. Enhance the severity of standard sentences for misdemeanor crimes, especially for repeat offenders, so that criminals no longer expect to be given a simple slap on the wrist and then quickly released.

  3. If our local leaders, such as King County DA Dan Satterberg and Judge Cheryl B. Carey, continue to fail to fulfill their duties of improving community safety and providing justice for their citizens, they should resign or face a formal recall sponsored by the City of Kent.

(Petition authored by Valentin Caspaar, CEO of Inorex Inc - Save-U-More International Groceries, Magic Flavors Gelato & Bakery Café, Ideal Pet Stop & Grooming)

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About the Petition Author:

Valentin Caspaar, CEO of Inorex Inc
Save-U-More International Groceries,
Magic Flavors Gelato & Bakery Café, Ideal Pet Stop & Grooming
23636 104th Ave SE, Kent, WA 98031


Originally from Austria, I’ve now lived in America for 40 years and am a proud citizen. I am founder and CEO of Inorex, a business which owns and operates grocery stores, pet shops, and restaurants in Washington State and Alaska. In my life I’ve traveled extensively, particularly throughout Europe and China. I have grown outraged by the failed leadership displayed by our elected officials at all levels of the American government.

Our government is extremely disorganized and, as time goes on, is only getting worse at safeguarding the basic wellbeing of its citizens and their property. America does still have great potential, but we must admit things are not at all on the right track and the people elected to serve us lack the backbone to make real, lasting changes to avert disaster. Despite these faults, I want our country to thrive and to once again serve its people, not just the elite interests with the most money to spend, or the bureaucrats who want to hurry through their work so they can enjoy a round of golf in the afternoon.

I believe common sense solutions can do a lot to turn things around, including term limits, proper education, and reallocating our government resources, especially our money, to areas where the community will be best served; not hassled, harassed, and conned by our current career politicians and the criminals they choose to let roam free.


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